Noodles, Soba, and Ramen. Oh My!

This blog is simple - we review noodles. We're obsessed with instant noodles in particular. Gone are the days of the "maruchan cup-o-noodle" (although we still like to kick it old school once in awhile). There are many new varieties available at Asian grocery stores, as well as organic ones available at Whole Foods.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Inaugural Post

It seems slightly lame that I don't have a noodle review for the inaugural post. For some reason, I didn't have noodles tonight for dinner. Instead, I had unagi sushi from Whole Foods. The sushi was looking a bit bedraggled by the time I got there, so I asked the nice man behind the sushi counter to make me a fresh order. He was super nice - probably because he felt the Asian bond. =) Anyway, I made miso soup and now I'm eating my unagi while watching "Digging for the Truth: Cleopatra". Good stuff!!!


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