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This blog is simple - we review noodles. We're obsessed with instant noodles in particular. Gone are the days of the "maruchan cup-o-noodle" (although we still like to kick it old school once in awhile). There are many new varieties available at Asian grocery stores, as well as organic ones available at Whole Foods.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Mug Noodle

After a great evening at the Pogues show, I came home craving a tasty savory snack and Mug Noodles fit the bill. Mug Noodle is great because one serving is half a coffee mug, so I don't get the overstuffed feeling that I would get eating a typical serving of instant noodles. One pack of Mug Noodles contains four servings.

Mug Noodles is just like Cup Noodle (not surprising since it is made by the same company), with one key difference: cute little freeze-dried bits of wheat cake shaped like cartoon animals. I suspect that these cute little animals are intended for kids, but it certainly makes it fun for adults as well.

So how are Mug Noodles? Well, Mug may be too salty and heavy on the MSG, but it sure is addictive. The noodles also have a firm consistency and the entire package is surprisingly ungreasy. I would point out, however, that like the other noodles that I've tried, the actual product never looks as good as it does on the package. Regardless, I will eat it again (indeed, I've stockpiled packets of Mug at home). Mug is available at most Japanese markets and a package of four servings can run you around $3.99.


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