Noodles, Soba, and Ramen. Oh My!

This blog is simple - we review noodles. We're obsessed with instant noodles in particular. Gone are the days of the "maruchan cup-o-noodle" (although we still like to kick it old school once in awhile). There are many new varieties available at Asian grocery stores, as well as organic ones available at Whole Foods.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ramen Yaki

Last night we ate at Duozo, a new restaurant on Dartmouth, next to the Back Bay station. Apparently, the owner is a former stakeholder in Fugakyu. The decor was beautiful and upscale. It felt like Fugakyu for white people. Anyway, I thought the food was okay - the only thing I really loved was the scallop chips - raw scallop w/sauce on top of a thin waffle chip, topped off with tobiko. I also had the salmon skin roll and the futomaki. Both were fine. Anyway, I also had a side order of Ramen Yaki, which was interesting. At first blush, it tasted sort of like Vegetable Lo Mein at a Chinese take out place. But I realized the noodles had a great texture and the ingredients (black mushroom, carrot slivers and celery) were actually quite fresh. I guess it was a pretty good value at $3.50, considering it was a side order and probably one of the cheapest dishes there. However, I probably could have gotten the same thing for $1.00 in Chinatown!


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