Noodles, Soba, and Ramen. Oh My!

This blog is simple - we review noodles. We're obsessed with instant noodles in particular. Gone are the days of the "maruchan cup-o-noodle" (although we still like to kick it old school once in awhile). There are many new varieties available at Asian grocery stores, as well as organic ones available at Whole Foods.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Spinach Ramen

Ah Finally - a post about instant noodle - what this blog was truly meant to do!! As someone recently told me, I have to "focus" on the subject matter at hand. Thus, last night I cooked spinach ramen that I bought at Super 88. It was really good - the brand is "Dr. Noodle" they come 4 servings per package. I decided to try these noodles because they purport to be "non-fried", which greatly reduces the fat content (but unfortunately, make it lest tasty). Good thing I tried it because these are delicious!!! The texture of the noodles are chewy - just the way I like it! The accompanying flavor packets were nothing special - I use my own mixture of xo sauce and soy. The only thing is that there was nary a hint of spinach or shitaake in the noodles. Oh well, I guess you can't have it all!!! I will definitely buy this brand again, and try other flavors as well!!


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